My Wish List of IPhone Apps for Marketing Chiefs

Today I got something lets me rotate 3 D models of molecules, And a different one that reads my mood if I simply touch the screen. I’ll never use either specialists, In order to, But it surely sure is fun. It’s also partly why iPhone does not have any BlackBerry’s corp cred. If Apple wants to crack more of the work market, It should get CMOs involved as evangelists by offering apps for several marketing tasks. So I asked some friends what should be on the starter list: PROMOMASTER: Just enter a sales goal and a payment date, And this app will spit out your schedule for creative, Exams, Launch and length. Customize it with your financials and those of the competition(It takes holidays note automatically). The paid up grade would add predictive AI, So you’d get your first ever realistic estimates of earnings and repeatability. SIMBRAND: This mini RPG game would help you”Games” Your branding strategy and see how it affected education, Free practice, Purchase and residual customer happiness. All right, That might be a blank screen, So actually heading to gatlinburg often a driving game that let you smash your vehicle(Or an image of your products, Popular designer such as the paid version) Into houses in the area, People in addition to other brands. ENTITLER: Imagine putting in basics on a staffer name, The most popular IM moniker, Hair color and a quick swipe of your middle finger across the screen yielded a complete speed review. This app would leverage the iPhone’s wireless capabilities to beam the review to your hard drive, Which would then populate the perfect form. A randomizer would make certain no two folks ever got the same feedback. Just, We have currency and description converters and numerous language translators, So why not an app that keeps us recent on the latest digital buzzwords and ideas? It could be updated constantly, And the paid version would tee up the most up to date, Hip tendencies, The same as, “Wow, That stalagmite requires better quality enhancement, Or something more important that you’d otherwise never come up with on your own. HICCUP: So you find a text that reads”Your celebrity representative was just arrested trying to fingerpaint the windows at Heathrow, And it turns your incredible new branding campaign into a bad joke. Imagine an app that tracked high profile gossip, And then aggregated it into a real time ranking of who was likely to flame out? The paid version would let you sort by product of choice, And calculate regardless of if the exposure would be worth it anyway. Rip THIS: How about flipping the remote control concept with the intention to watch someone else’s presentation? I’m thinking a number cool to have that, Are saying, Secretive financial forums appear on your iPhone screen, Especially before you have to go in and pitch your financial budget. You should use it to play your agency’s other presentations, And learn what other times they’ve pitched the idea you just got sold as uniquely yours.