Chinese herbal medicine

There are proven methods for healing based on the power of natural supplements. Chinese herbal medicine is a supportive and gentle process which allows you to get results from any pain or illness. 

More than 300 herbs that are commonly used today have a history of use that goes back at least 2000 years. Over that time, a vast amount of experience has been gained that has gone towards perfecting their clinical applications.

More and more research of modern medicine proves that Chinese herbal medicine has distinctive effects on most forms of illness.

If you are looking for complete solutions from our acupuncture and herbal clinic, then using Chinese herbal remedies is a distinct approach to begin to improve and support your health. This alternative medicine naturally begins to change your physical state and optimizes your health.

Connect with our acupuncture and herbal clinic to experience these results:

* Nurturing and supportive processes for your health

* Few to no side effects

* Proven and ancient formulas to heal any ailment

* Healing processes that last

* Complete re-balance of mind, body and spirit

Why Turn to Chinese Herbal Medicine?

There are many side effects caused by taking antibiotics, steroids, pain killers and other synthetic chemical drugs for a long period of high dosages.

Many scientists continue to build case studies which highlight the long term issues which are associated with certain antibiotics or man-made remedies. While these remain popular in some circles, others are becoming more aware of the issues related to the medical principles used in Western medicine. 

The practices with our acupuncture and herbal clinic have natural processes that don’t interfere with your body or create other imbalances. There are little to no side effects while some of the alternative medicine used has stronger responses within your body. 

Today, people are looking for an alternative way to get fit and healthy, such as with acupuncture services Qualicum, BC. More and more people in Western countries  prefer Chinese Herbal Medicine as an alternative to Western Medicine. It is estimated that a quarter of the world’s population currently use and prefer Chinese medicine.

The results which we continue to see at our acupuncture and herbal clinic are proof that the remedies which have worked for 3000 years continue to have the same positive impact as others. Alternative medicine and Chinese herbal remedies offer a solution which millions identify as working effectively and assisting with overall health and well-being.