Chinese Herbal Medicines

With certain herbs, it is possible to bring your body back into balance and complete health. These testimonials show how the herbal medicines provide complete support for every part of your body while releasing toxins and imbalances within your body.

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Meghan, 14 years old: Eczema
April 19, 2015
I’ve had eczema all my life. The peak of it is in the summer time, when it is really dry and hot out. Salin prescribed me some herbs to put in a cool bath, and some herbs to make tea out of, on a hot day. The bath herbs really relieved the itch and the tea helped to cool my body down, so my eczema wasn’t as itchy. The tea tastes really good too. I starting taking these herbs when I was 10 years old, and my eczema hasn’t come back since. I also have insomnia, so Salin applied a needle directly between my eyebrows. She leaves it in for about 10 minutes, and I fall fast asleep, and don’t wake up during the middle of the night.